CFP LASI Spain 17

Learning analytics has become increasingly present in educational settings. Whenever information technologies are used for educational purposes, there is a trail of evidence of the activities and behaviors of both learners and instructors. Over time, the analysis of this evidence, be it real-time data or data stored in database systems, may help better understand and improve educational processes. Learning analytics covers a wide variety of analysis techniques over multiple-sourced data (content repositories, interactive systems, multimedia streams) and technologies (learning management systems, educational games, virtual settings, mobile devices), ranging from data mining to data visualizations, and focusing on different aspects of […]

LASI 2016 Spain: Announcing grants for students

The Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics (SNOLA) announces 14 grants for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to attend LASI (Learning Analytics Summer Institute) Spain 2016. Grants include the accommodation for June 26th and June 27th and breakfast and lunch for June 27th and June 28th. Submit your grant application before June 19th through

Learning Analytics Summer Institute LASI 2016: Call for participation

The sheer amount of data that we generate in the course of our lives is growing exponentially as technology plays a larger and larger part in what we do every day. This also happens in the field of Education, where information technology is becoming increasingly important. The  data generated by the systems used today to support how we teach and how we learn provides an unprecedented opportunity to better understand and support learning. The main goals of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute are promoting the development of skills and knowledge of doctoral students and academics to use Learning Analytics techniques. […]