The next SNOLA (Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics) webinar will take place on February 20, 16:00h. More info here: 

Title: Culturally Aware Learning Analytics for Improved Learning and Teaching

Overview:Learning analytics (LA) have been implemented in different countries with the purpose of improving learning and supporting teaching; yet, largely at a limited scale and so far with limited evidence of achieving their purpose. Even though some solutions are promising, their transfer from one country to another might prove challenging and sometimes impossible due to various technical, social, contextual and cultural factors. In this talk, we will argue for the importance of addressing stakeholders’ cultural values, which have been underexplored by the LA community, when designing and implementing LA services. Viewing culture from a value-sensitive perspective, the impact of individuals’ cultural values on the design and evaluation of LA systems as well as on the stakeholders’ privacy concerns in LA will be exemplified, based on the results of our recent research efforts. Finally, a set of design implications for culturally aware and value-sensitive learning analytics services and related future research directions will be presented.

Speaker: Olga Viberg

Biography:Olga Viberg has obtained her PhD in Informatics at Örebro University School of Business (Sweden) in December 2015. Viberg is associate professor in Media Technology, with specialization in Technology-Enhanced Learning at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH. She is also an active faculty member of Digital Futures at KTH. Viberg’s research includes a focus on learning analytics in higher education, self-regulated learning, cross-cultural research and responsible use of student data in education, focusing on the issues of privacy and trust.  Viberg has also contributed to the UNESCO policy work on quality of online education. Viberg is the main organizer of the Nordic Learning Analytics Summer Institute (2021 & 2022) and a part of the organizing committee of the 12th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference. She is the PC chair for the next Learning@Scale 2023 conference and the next ECTEL2023. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Learning Analytics from Fall 2022- present.