El próximo 6 de junio de 2017 a las 17:00 CET Dai Griffiths, un referente internacional en Learning Analytics impartirá el webinar titulado “Learning Analytics and Policy”. En él se tratarán aspectos legales y de políticas educativas respecto al Learning Analytics.

Dai Griffiths is a professor in the School of Education and Psychology. His background is in the arts and in education, and he has taught at many levels including primary and secondary education, higher education and continuing education, and in industry. From the early 1990s he worked on a wide range of aspects of technology and education, as a developer, researcher and project manager, before taking on his current role. He has published extensively on the design of learning activities and their technological support, and on adaptive learning with IMS Learning Design. This led to his current engagement with learning analytics, through Cetis, leadership of the Bolton contribution to the LACE project, and work on the Jisc xAPI profiles.

He was co-chair of the American Society of Cybernetics 2013 conference, and a regular editor of the proceedings of the Society’s conferences.

Dai can be contacted at d.e.griffiths@bolton.ac.uk