New publication: “Towards Caring for Digital Wellbeing with the Support of Learning Analytics”

The paper “Towards Caring for Digital Wellbeing with the Support of Learning Analytics”, written by Eyad Hakami, Khadija El Aadmi, Davinia Hernández-Leo, Patricia Santos, Ainhoa Álvarez, Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Ruth Cobos, Miguel Ángel Conde, Yannis Dimitriadis, Ángel Hernández-García, Alejandra Martínez-Monés, Pedro J. Muñoz-Merino, Teresa Sancho and Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo has been published and can be consulted at: Abstract: This article describes three studies that looked into the impact of learning technologies on wellbeing, as well as the role that Learning Analytics can play in measuring and enhancing such an impact. To begin, ten Spanish researchers used the IEEE P7010 wellbeing metrics to analyse their […]

Learning Analytics session at eMadrid conference

In its twelfth edition, the eMadrid Conference focuses on the evolution of educational technologies and future challenges. At a time when students need to be trained for professions that do not yet exist, concepts such as the metaverse, artificial intelligence, IoT in education and new educational models take on special relevance. In the aftermath of the pandemic, e-learning has established itself as a key element in maintaining education and teaching in extraordinary circumstances, and its decisive role has become clear. The experts and researchers who will participate in the XII eMadrid Conference will talk about it. The event will take […]

Seminar: Trusting the ‘robot’: Mapping some of the ethical implications of using AI in learning analytics (Paul Prinsloo)

Paul Prinsloo will be presenting the seminar entitled “Trusting the ‘robot’: Mapping some of the ethical implications of using AI in learning analytics” at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on June 23, 2022. For more information, you can follow this link. Paul Prinsloo is a Research Professor in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the College of Economic and Management Sciences, University of South Africa (Unisa). His academic background includes fields as diverse as theology, art history, business management, online learning, and religious studies. Paul is an established researcher and has published numerous articles in the fields of teaching and […]

Webinar: Multimodal Learning Analytics in Real-world Practice: A Bridge Too Far? (Mutlu Cukurova)

El próximo webinar de SNOLA (Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics) tendrá lugar el día 31 de mayo a las 16:00h. Más información en: Abstract: Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA) has gathered an increasingly significant amount of interest from the research communities of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education within the last decade. In this talk, I will argue that MMLA can be a dangerous idea. Similar to most dangerous ideas, MMLA has the potential to advance the learning analytics field and educational practice. However, dangerous ideas should be approached with great caution and our first intuition of whether they […]

LASI 2022 Keynote speaker confirmed: Paul Prinsloo

Paul Prinsloo will be presenting a keynote talk at LASI 2022 (Salamanca, Spain, June 20-21). ‘Beyond’ ethics: mapping the trajectory (and futures) of ethics in learning analytics Abstract: While the first Learning Analytics Conference in 2011 introduced learning analytics as a distinct research focus and practice, the collection, analysis, and use of student data has been part of education and specifically higher education for a very long-time preceding LAK’11. Likewise, concerns regarding ethical issues data have always been an integral part of discourses surrounding and research into the collection, analysis, and use of student data. As higher education become increasingly […]

Webinar: Proceso de aprendizaje y rendimiento académico a través de la fusión de datos multimodales (Rebeca Cerezo)

El próximo webinar de SNOLA (Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics) tendrá lugar el día 24 de marzo a las 16:00h. Resumen: Uno de los temas que mayor interés suscitan en Learning Analytics, y que aun implica desafíos presentes y futuros, es la predicción del rendimiento académico. Uno de esos retos pasa por predecir los resultados de aprendizaje a través de técnicas de fusión de datos multimodales, también conocidas como Multimodal Learning Analytics. Durante este webinar nos acercaremos a varios estudios en los que se fusionan datos, a priori tan alejados, como asistencia la clase, la toma de apuntes, los logs […]

LASI Spain 2022

LEARNING ANALYTICS SUMMER INSTITUTE SPAIN 2022 (LASI Spain 2022) Salamanca, June 20-21, 2022 Learning Analytics: Here to stay The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on face-to-face teaching methodologies. Several methodologies arose to overcome the health emergency through digital means, which also involved adapting both instructors and students to online learning approaches. Although this crisis has served as an opportunity to embrace new methods and tools, some may see these changes as a temporary stopgap as the situation normalizes to return to previous teaching methodologies subsequently. However, the sudden shift from face-to-face to online education has paved the way for […]

Webinar: Sistematización de la analítica de aprendizaje de juegos para mejorar el ciclo de vida de los juegos serios (Baltasar Fernández-Manjón)

El próximo webinar de SNOLA (Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics) tendrá lugar el día 17 de febrero a las 16:00h. Resumen: La analítica de aprendizaje de juegos consiste en el análisis de los datos de interacción del usuario con el juego para obtener evidencias que permitan mejorar el proceso educativo con juegos serios. Consideramos que la aplicación de la analítica de aprendizaje de juegos puede proporcionar un enfoque más científico y basado en datos para mejorar el ciclo de vida de los juegos serios. Esto significa no sólo obtener una mejor comprensión de cómo aprenden los jugadores y lo que […]

Learning Analytics track at TEEM 2021 conference

You can consult here the full call for papers for the Learning Analytics track at TEEM 2021 conference. Deadline: 4th July. Last editions of the learning analytics track, one of the conclusions of the track was that variety (of topics, techniques, data sources, contexts, users) was necessary for the field to expand and advance, at the peril of a fragmentation that now seems inevitable. The fragmented landscape of learning analytics has its own perks, though. Nearly eight years after the first Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, we have now a clearer view of all the different aspects, technologies, algorithms and scope of application […]