ANALYSE is a learning analytics tool developed for Open edX. ANALYSE transforms low level data into useful indicators about the learning process. In addition, ANALYSE provides useful visualizations for teachers and students using these indicators. At present, we provide a beta release of ANALYSE, which extends the learning analytics functionality of Open edX with 12 new visualizations. A new tab has been addded in the course dashboard of open edX to access ANALYSE. Some of the features of ANALYSE are the following:

  • Transform low level data from open edX logs into higher level indicators that are meaningful for the learning process
  • The learning analytics dashboard has 3 visualizations related to exercises, 4 related to videos and 5 related to general course activity
  • The instructors of a course can access the information about the aggregate of all students in a course an also each student individually. That allows instructor to keep track about how the whole course is progressing and control each student separately
  • The students in a course can only access their own information, which can be used for self-awareness and reflection on their learning process
  • The different indicators are processed in background in regular intervals of time as schedule jobs by the use of Celery Beat

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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