El próximo webinar de SNOLA (Spanish Network Of Learning Analytics) tendrá lugar el día 31 de mayo a las 16:00h. Más información en: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/webinar-snola-multimodal-learning-analytics-in-real-world-practice-tickets-332751136607?keep_tld=1

Abstract: Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA) has gathered an increasingly significant amount of interest from the research communities of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Education within the last decade. In this talk, I will argue that MMLA can be a dangerous idea. Similar to most dangerous ideas, MMLA has the potential to advance the learning analytics field and educational practice. However, dangerous ideas should be approached with great caution and our first intuition of whether they are advised to be taken forward, or not, require a close examination with research evidence. Here, I will present three different conceptualisations of MMLA with promising research findings for each, but also reflect upon some of the reasons behind their morally troubling nature driven by our recent real-world implementations. Each conceptualisation presented is likely to contribute to educational research and practice to different degrees, and might have a different likelihood of being denounced.

Speaker: Mutlu Cukurova

Bio: Mutlu Cukurova is an associate professor of learning technologies at University College London. He is engaged with UNESCO’s unit for Technology and AI in Education, UCL’s Grand Challenges on Transformative Technology, is the co-Editor of the British Journal of Educational Technology and an associate editor of the International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction.