The last webinar by Yannis Dimitriadis, entitled Design principles for human-centered actionable learning analytics, can be consulted here.


Designing for effective and efficient pedagogical interventions and orchestration in complex Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) ecosystems is an increasingly challenging issue. In spite of the significant potential of Learning Analytics (LA) research, it is still unclear how can LA be designed to position teachers as designers of effective interventions and orchestration actions.

This talk argues for Human-Centered Design (HCD) and orchestration of actionable learning analytics. It provides a review of needs and existing approaches for HCD in LA is provided, and it proposes three HCD principles for LA solutions, i.e., agentic positioning of teachers and other stakeholders; integration of the learning design cycle and the LA design process; and reliance on educational theories to guide the LA solution design and implementation.

The HCD principles are illustrated and discussed through two case studies in authentic learning contexts. Finally, some directions for future research and development are formulated to overcome the main obstacles for adoption of HCD for LA.