CoVid-19 Official Statement

To authors and potential participants in LASI Spain 2020: 

SNOLA, as organizer of LASI Spain 2020 is aware of the current situation of uncertainty derived from the CoVid-19 outbreak regarding the actual celebration of the event as it is planned. In order to facilitate your plans regarding this event, we communicate these decisions: 

  • We have adapted the deadline for paper submissions (all tracks) to April, 26th May, 3rd, 23:59h CET. 
  • We will hold an event, and the authors will have the opportunity to present their work to the community. We are constantly monitoring the situation, and while we maintain at this moment the planned face-to-face format, we are ready to change it to an on-line event if the circumstances do not allow us to celebrate the face-to-face event. 
  • In case of a decision to move to a hybrid format or a fully on-line event, we will communicate the decision with enough time so that all authors will be able to adapt to the final format.
  • Accepted papers will be published in CEUR, which has opened the possibility to include virtual events, as an extraordinary measure derived from the CoVid-19 outbreak. 

We encourage all interested researchers and practitioners to maintain their plans and send their contributions to LASI Spain 2020. Regardless the final format it takes, it will be a great opportunity for scientific interchange and will help flourish the LA community in our local context.

LASI Spain 2020 welcomes the organization of workshops and tutorials that enable participants to focus on a theme of interest for the LASI community. 

Organizers interested in coordinating a workshop are requested to submit a proposal by filling out this form (, no later than 26 April, 2020 3 May, 2020. Successful proposals will be confirmed by 25 May 2020.

Workshops and Tutorials are expected to promote sharing of knowledge and provoke reflection on a particular topic of interest for the LA community. The organizers are encouraged to promote innovative formats, prioritizing active involvement of the participants. Workshop and Tutorial selection will be ranked according to their fit with LASI 2020 conference topics, innovativeness and overall quality. In case of overlapping proposals, organizers may be contacted to clearly differentiate them or to merge them.

The organizers must fill out the description form (, where they have to describe: 

  • The title of the event. 
  • Organizers: Names and Affiliations. 
  • The list of topics of interest. 
  • The description of the event, with its goals, methodology, expected activities.